Dancing in the Winds of Change


Touched by Life is a collection of my life philosophies and suggestions for a fulfilling (or at least more tolerable!) life.  It’s personal advice based on my experiences.  I have no formal training in most of this stuff, so take what makes sense and ignore the rest.

About Me

I’m a white, middle-class woman in her 30s, in the midwest area of the United States.  I grew up in rural poverty, but due to a good education, my adult years have been far more comfortable.  I have a career and daily life that makes me very happy, and I’ve put in quite a bit of intentional work to get there.

My success isn’t luck or an accident.  I know what laid the foundation stones and built the supports of my success.  This blog is my effort to share what I learned, in practical ways that others can use as well.  It focuses on the ideas rather than the personal side of my journey.  Nothing here is a quick-fix, either, but it is a road map for how to work smarter while you’re being persistent.

These articles are also a form of personal essay – a way to explore and firm up my own beliefs about how the world is and how people are within it.  I will almost certainly change my mind over time, so if you see two articles from me saying conflicting things, it’s entirely possible that I’m disagreeing with myself.  I welcome questions if you’re confused as a result!

Where the Blog Title Comes From

At a personal growth retreat program, I encountered the idea of letting life touch me, change me, and reshape me like a stone tumbled in a river.  See the first blog post for the rest of the story.  I hope you will let life touch your heart and mind as well.




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