Dancing in the Winds of Change

Polished Stones

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Welcome to my new blog! I hope you will let yourself be touched by life.

At a personal growth retreat program, I encountered the idea of letting life touch me, change me, and reshape me like a stone tumbled in a river.

A stone that breaks off of a larger rock starts with sharp edges, jagged shapes, and doesn’t stack smoothly. Let that stone tumble around in a river for a few years, and the river will wear and polish it. It will be easier to stack and more beautiful.

My rough edges are the things that make me prickly.

They are the hurts I’ve experienced, the fears I have, the sharp words that I speak too quickly, and the times when I close my mind to other options. They are the days when I feel stubborn, stuck, and rebellious, as well as the days when I feel tired, hopeless, worthless, or confused. My rough edges are the things that make me stiff and severe, and interfere with my goals, dreams, and relationships.

The waters of compassion and the river of life experiences help me soften those edges. Water reminds me to flow, to move, change form and let natural cycles carry me along. Water – and sometimes tears – remind me to take off my armor and let my soft body feel vulnerable, open, and engaged. Compassion and patience wear down my rough edges, polishing and smoothing me. And so, I find myself more able to work with a team, more able to stay on task when solo, and with more energy available for creativity, practice, and joy. In the process, I am changed.

Life asks me to change all the time – I realize it when I realize that a habit I had isn’t working anymore. I can change it or I can try to hold on.

Sometimes I dive right in to figure out a new path, like a curious kitten on an adventure. Sometimes I adapt more slowly, a bit hesitant, cautious, trying to keep myself safe. And other times I resist life’s changes for all I can muster, kicking and dragging my feet – or hiding out in mindless Internet surfing and Facebook refreshes. But no matter my response to it, life goes on asking me to change. At least when I go willingly, I get a choice about which direction to turn.

And so, my philosophy – I choose to let myself be touched by life. I let life touch my heart, touch my mind, I let it inside me, and I let it change me. I won’t hold myself away from other people, new experiences, unfamiliar tasks, and unexpected challenges. I will step in, participate, and figure out what’s needed as I go. I will let “who I am” adapt, adjust, and be unpredictable.

I will let myself be Touched by Life.


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